Flyvalue is one of the most experienced consultancy organizations in the Italian drone market.

We can support the operator not only in the drafting of documentation required by regulations, but in the entire bureaucratic process up to obtaining the ENAC registration and beyond, when the operator needs for support once registered.

The operator who intends to obtain the registration / authorization must have an operating structure suitable for the management of the operations, one or more qualified pilots and an UAVs in a configuration suitable for the purpose.

The set of documents demonstrating the ability of the operator, its pilots and the SAPRs used is composed of:

SAPR configuration description

Documento attestante la sperimentazione del SAPR

Flight Manual

Maintenance manual

Operations manual

Risk analysis document

Drones and pilots registers

The added value of the consultancy is expressed also during operations with the drafting of risk analysis for particularly critical operations and the request for access to controlled airspace, through NAA authorizations.



iDronect is a platform for the management of drone operations designed by RPAS operators for RPAS operators.

Initially born from the need to carry out operations records (drones and pilots logs), it has been enriched with vital functions for the operators of the sector, such as tools for analysis of the preliminary risk and analysis of the airspace.

Flyvalue collaborates in the development of the iDronect platform by importing within it the requirements of the ENAC Regulation for Remote Piloting Aircraft and managing its updating.

The strengths of idronect are:

  • Possibility to make recordings for both the pilot and the drone and its accessories
  • Web and smartphones / tablet applications interface
  • Updated airspaces (source Eurocontrol)
  • Implementation of the risk analysis function according to national regulations (including the Italian one)
  • Implementation of automatic completion of authorization request forms (eg NOTAM) (implementation ongoing)
  • Supported by Flyvalue as an industry consultancy organization

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