– Appraisals and aircraft evaluations
– Compliance and auditing under EASA regulation
– Consultancy for certification under EASA regulation
– Consultancy for airworthiness


– Consultancy to UAV Operators
– Consultancy to UAV manufacturer and dealers
– Consultancy to UAV Training Organizations


– Engineering services on specific projects
– Engineering services for EASA certified organizations
– Resarch and Development support
– Drones, avionics, systems integration, control systems, engines and vehicles


FlyValue provides consulting services for aeronautical certification, relying on professionals or partner companies with proper qualifications / certifications required by the civil aviation authorities.

The ten-year experience gained in civil and general aviation, allows us to offer to our customers a consolidated know-how in both product and process certification, covering the whole life cycle of aeronautical products and parts.

Furthermore, high-level technical profiles allow the company to be a technological partner in support of innovative projects, even in non-aeronautical areas.

By developing internal projects, Flyvalue has developed a specific expertise in the drone field with low kinetic energy of impact.



Those seeking support for their conventional civil aviation project find in Flyvalue strong and comprehensive skills acquired in the field in many of the civil aviation sectors: design and production; operations and training; maintenance.
To complete this, a network of highly experienced professionals is available, making the company capable of a vast choice of customized solutions based on the needs of the customer, whether it is certification or research and development.

In addition, Flyvalue was one of the first companies to present itself on the Italian market for Remote Pilot Aircraft under 150 kg, as a consulting partner for specialized operators.
The mission of spreading aviation skills in the sector has been enriched over time by experience, and by research and development activities on SAPR.

What really sets Flyvalue apart, is the quality of the service and the attention to the customer, which therefore finds a reliable partner to solve the various problems encountered when operating with aircraft and UAVs before and after obtaining authorizations / certifications from the Authority.