We develop projects for the industrial and vehicle sector based on customer specifications, also by means of fast additive / subtractive prototyping.

Customers find in Flyvalue the ideal technical partner for the development of his own idea of the industrial application from the first conceptual stage.

Once the idea is outlined, Flyvalue professionals propose different technical solutions to realize the actual product first with prototyping and then towards industrialization.

During project development, the company makes use of a vast network of partners to maximize the professional contribution to the customers' idea.


Flyvalue has been an registered innovative start-up until April 2019 for its commitment in the development of remote controlled aerial drones with harmless criteria.

This commitment has led to the development of projects, such as the Soolite MKII and HDIR, drones with ambition of harmlessness, developed to answer to specific requirements of the regulatory framework.

The Soolite MKII is a drone with intubated propellers weighing less than 2 kg with mainly low-density material and high kinetic impact energy absorption capacity. The aerodynamic design also maximizes the effect of aerodynamic resistance for the flows coming from the bottom (with drone in vertical fall), minimizing the effect of side wind.

Flyvalue is also co-owner of patents in the aerial drones field.



We provide qualified personnel for industrial engineering to those companies that need to strengthen their staff during the development of particularly expensive projects or to complete their skills within complex projects.

Flyvalue can provide not only the competent technical staff, who makes itself available to the project manager, but also the project management activity.

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